About me. I am a senior research scientist at Babylon Health and also a visiting fellow in Computer2H9A4002 Laboratory, where I was previously a senior research associate, during which I was a member of the computational group of Integrated Cancer Medicine Project. This project looks at integrating genomic, imaging and clinical data using a variety of machine learning methods to provide more personalised diagnostic and treatment plans for cancer patients. 

Prior to this I was a junior research fellow (JRF) in Wolfson College. I worked with Professor Mateja Jamnik on  Accessible Reasoning with Diagrams project, where we designed, implemented and empirically evaluated a diagrammatic reasoner for ontology reasoning and debugging, in collaboration with cognitive scientist in University of Brighton.

I did my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Systems Group of Department of Computer Science, University of Bath. My research during my PhD focused on explanatory decision-making in multi-agent systems using Argumentation Theory. 

Research. Research interests include Active Feature Acquisition, Explainable AI, Automated Reasoning, Reinforcement Learning and Multi-agent Decision-making.


11.2022 – Paper accepted at AAAI 2023
10.2022 – Paper accepted at NeurIPS 2022
01.2021 – Talk at Healthcare Research Showcase

Email: zohreh.shams [AT] cl.cam.ac.uk
Address: Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK, CB3 0FD