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About me. 
I am a research associate in Computer Laboratory, and a junior research fellow (JRF) in Wolfson College. I  work with Dr Mateja Jamnik on the Accessible Reasoning with Diagrams project. The project draws on both computer science and cognitive science, to address a long-held assumption that using diagrams makes modelling and reasoning accessible. In doing so we are devising and implementing an accessible diagrammatic reasoner for modelling and reasoning in diverse domains. The cognitive and empirical evaluation of the reasoner will be conducted by Dr Gem Stapleton’s group, University of Brighton.

Prior to this, I did my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Systems Group of Department of Computer Science, University of Bath. My research during my PhD focused on practical reasoning and normative reasoning in multi-agent systems using Argumentation Theory. Argumentation techniques were in particular exploited to not only support an autonomous agent in deciding what to do,  but also to explain why such a decision is made.

Research. My research interests include Human-like computing, Automated Reasoning, Argumentation theory, and Multi-agent systems.

02.2019 – Paper accepted at International Conference on Conceptual Structures
01.2019 – Blog post at Scheherazade Speaks Science
10.2018 – Invited talk at Jožef Stefan Institute

Email: zohreh.shams [AT] cl.cam.ac.uk
Address: Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK, CB3 0FD