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About me. 
I am a senior research associate in Computer Laboratory. I am a member of the computational group of Integrated Cancer Medicine Project. This project looks at integrating genomic, imaging and clinical data to provide more personalised diagnostic and treatment plans for cancer patients. We use a variety of machine learning methods for the predictive purposes. My interest lies in using symbolic methods and biomedical ontologies to extract generative logic models from the predictive ones, where the former are used for explaining the predictions of the latter.

Previously, I was a junior research fellow (JRF) in Wolfson College. I worked with Professor Mateja Jamnik on  Accessible Reasoning with Diagrams project, where we designed, implemented and empirically evaluated a diagrammatic reasoner for the explanation of ontology reasoning and debugging, in collaboration with cognitive scientist in University of Brighton. Prior to this, I did my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Systems Group of Department of Computer Science, University of Bath. My research during my PhD focused on explanatory decision-making in multi-agent systems using Argumentation Theory. 

Research. My main area of expertise is symbolic AI; Research interests include Explainable AI, Automated Reasoning, Reinforcement Learning and Multi-agent Decision-making.


01.2021 – Talk at Healthcare Research Showcase
11.2020 – Paper acceded at MLCB
10.2020 – Discussion Panel at AILA Life Summit 2020

Email: zohreh.shams [AT] cl.cam.ac.uk
Address: Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK, CB3 0FD